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Wading Through the Flood of Diet Books on the Market Today

A quick search for diet books on found that under the category of “Diet and Weight Loss” there are 17,369 listings. These will not all be unique titles, the list includes paperback versions of books already on the list, out of print volumes, earlier revisions of the same title, etc. but even if we assume fully half of the list is unusable, we still have over 8,600 books to choose from! Why so many?

First let’s categorize the types of books we find. Diet books include food programs, psychology of weight loss, cookbooks, and motivational stories.

The primary kind of book you will need to really get going on a weight loss program teaches you the physical science behind weight loss as well as giving you a guide as to what you should actually be eating and doing.

There is an extreme range of approaches from all natural to mostly packaged, and from low carb-high fat to low fat-high carb diets. Understanding the science behind the instructions will help you decide whether a particular diet is going to work for you.

The psychology of weight gain and weight loss is another category that can be a valuable addition. It has been found that many people have developed poor eating habits and gained weight for personal reasons such as low self-esteem or a need for protection. Changing the way you think may help overcome any subconscious self-sabotaging you are doing.

Celebrity and other success stories can be very motivating and are likely to be the most entertaining of diet books, but what works for one person isn’t necessarily going to work for everybody. These should be a support supplement but not the foundation of your weight loss library.

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