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What Are The Healthiest Options on The Takeaway Menu?

When you speak about Indian takeaways and takeaways in general, they are always considered as being fattening and bad for your health, but people never really realise that some of the menu is more healthy than others. Obviously if you were to choose something layered in batter, it’s going to be less healthy than say crab and corn soup. You just have to be aware of what’s good for you and what’s terrible for you, that way you can still enjoy your meal while being healthy.

Here is a little guide to help you choose the healthiest options next time you order in a takeaway.

Fish and Chips: The worst things on the menu tend to be chips, which you can’t really avoid, sausage, cheese and onion pie, steak and kidney pie. As for the best things, try to stick to fish, cod, haddock and plaice are the best as they contain the less fat.

Pizza: Your worst choice would be to have a deep pan or stuffed crust as these contain the most fat within the base. As for toppings, cheese and pepperoni are your worst choices, obviously cheese is standard but try to avoid have extra cheeses. For more healthy options, choose either fish or vegetables on the top of a thin crust base.

Chinese: Try and stay away from anything that’s greasy and crispy because this means they have been deep fried which is definately not good. The worst items you could get would be sweet and sour battered balls, specially fried rice and spring rolls. If you are going for the healthy line, stick with items that are steamed. Choosing items like boiled rice, beef, chicken, crab and corn soup, and steamed vegetables are the best for you.

Indian food: Similar to the rules behind Chinese, you should avoid foods that have been deep fried as these will store the most fat. For a healthier meal, your best items would be vegetable curry, chicken tikka, madras or bhuna. Try and have these with boiled rice as that’s the healthiest.

Hopefully when you order your next takeaway, you will change from your usual large chips and jumbo sausage to something a little healthier. As I was writing that, it made me realise that I order all of the bad items, but it’s the same with all foods you eat. The food that are the worst tasting are generally the healthier for us.


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