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What is Better Than a Charcoal Grill?

One of the biggest past times for Americans is eating. Believe it or not, we are constantly discussing food. How to cook this, or what’s the best way to prepare that. It’s funny how consumed we are with meals. Well, it doesn’t get any more American than grilling. We love to grill out, have a barbeque, cookout, picnic, or whatever you wish to call it. A key element in this ritual is the charcoal grill and it makes a great groomsmen gifts. The classic old-style grills have been around for decades and still can’t be beaten.

Back when I grew up, my family would cook out on a charcoal grill at least once a week. I loved this ritual. I got to stack up the brickets, and light up the grill. You can hear the meat sizzle as you slap it on. The smoke starts to rise, and the smell is phenomenal. That wonderful charcoal grill aroma would fill the air around our home. I couldn’t wait until it was time to feast. It really didn’t matter what was on the menu; hotdogs, fish, steak, or chicken all sounded delectable. The charcoal grill would always pack the meat with that mouth watering smoked flavor. How can you possibly beat that?

These days I continue to use a charcoal grill with my family. I still love that smoky char-grilled taste. We use it to cook everything from shrimp, to bratwurst. Now my daughter is the one who gets all excited about cooking out on the charcoal grill and personalized pub signs. In the summer time, this is a practice we take advantage of once a week. Those classic Weber grills are still all the rage, and won’t cost you a pretty penny like the gas grills. Gas grills are more prominent these days. Many people like to avoid the charcoal all together and go with the more expensive gas method. This is all fine and good for them, however, I’ve eaten meat off of a gas grill before, and it doesn’t have that essential charcoal grill taste. It just depends on what you love I guess.

You can easily hop online, or venture out to Lowes in search of a charcoal grill. There are many to choose from these days. A great place to begin is the Internet to shop for bridesmaid gifts. You can get the rundown on charcoal and gas grills, and compare all of the prices. A classic charcoal grill certainly won’t break the bank, as opposed to some of the new-age gas grills. In the end it really just comes down to what you can afford, and what taste you prefer.

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