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What is Periodontal Disease All About?

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Many of us know about periodontal disease even if we do not know exactly what it is. It is also called periodontitis. The disease attacks the gums and all the connective tissues used to support the teeth. Progressive bone loss is one result. If left untreated, a loss of teeth can occur. It is also the result of undisturbed bacterial growth. It occurs between the teeth and along the gum line. Some have utilized oxygenated water made from a home ozonator to make a mouthwash and have gotten results that way.

If this disease progresses to the point of severity, the teeth will start to get loose. They will then fall out. This only occurs when the disease is not treated. This type of severity is not at all common. It must be said, though, that fifty percent of the population over thirty will suffer from milder forms of this disease. There are people who believe they have made a dent in this problem with the help of oramd, which is an essential oil blend.

Generally, if you have ever had gingivitis, you may be at risk for this disease. That is a gum disease wherein inflammation affects the gums. This is not the sole risk factor. Others include smoking, inheriting a predilection for the disease, and untreated diabetes.

Bacterial plaque, which are hard deposits, can start to form on the teeth. Microorganisms cause these deposits. They occur when the organisms are permitted to continue growing and building. If the deposits do not get treated, dental calculus can result.

The disease comes with a lot of symptoms. Typically, swelling will occur, the gums will bleed or become red, halitosis may occur, and the spaces between the teeth may widen as bones begin to shrink. When the diseases reaches its later stages, then the teeth can start loosening and falling out. Some oral irrigators
may be utilized to help fight againts dental disease.

Preventing this disease is the best form of treatment. Brushing twice a day, flossing, and using antibacterial mouthwashes are all great ways to prevent the disease. It is also imperative to make regular trips to the dentist to get your teeth cleaned.

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