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What is You Dont Like About Vacation Food

This year has seen the most ever complaints in vacation food, one reason is because a lot of people have been cutting back due to the credit crisis, so they have either been visiting cheaper hotels or just going for an all inclusive deal. But what is it about all inclusive food that the world just does not like? Let us have a quick look.


Same Fashion

Most of the complaints come from people that have chose to go away for a fortnight, the reason that these people complain is because of the fact that they say they are getting the same food everyday. But I believe the thing that people do not empathise is that this has to be done for the hotel to make whatever money. They have to order in bulk amounts so that they get offered savings, but you are still getting a great deal yourself.


Cold Food

The majority of all inclusive hotels actually offer a buffet, people make their way to the buffet at closing time and then complain that the food is cold. Once more the hotel is not going to continue on cooking food if its not getting eaten because they will lose money.



Foreign Food

This again causes a vast amount of complaints. People go abroad but still expect to eat their own countries food dishes. I am sorry, but if you are going abroad then you have to take into account that it is a totally different culture, especially if its somewhere quite far off. So you have to be open minded and willing to try anything new, otherwise you are going to starve for the next couple of weeks.


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