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What makes a pizza desirable?

If you have ever been in a kitchen with a cooking pizza you will know the answer – the smell of the thing! The preparation is crucial, and if you have the time, it is worth making your own dough. Most supermarkets stock pre-prepared dough, if you don’t have the time to prepare your own.

Any food that you can enjoy from home should fill the room and whet the appetite, such as pizza which has a unique freshness.

I have recently been converted to home-made pizzas, and like most, the inspiration comes from experiences in restaurants. There is a restaurant near to me on the seafront, which makes great pizzas, and loves to entertain. For a combination of entertainment and tasty food in Europe, nobody does it better than the Italians and the Spanish. In Spain, particularly in Asturias, they have there own method of pouring the local cider or ‘sidre’. The waiter pours the drink from above his head into a glass, whilst appearing to be in a trance state. Pointless – but great entertainment!

The Italians are proud to show their skills with dough preparation, and the importance of the whole process. The are correct methods to consider for great pizza, according to Italians – proper preparation and oven temperature. This dough is unbelievably soft and pliable. I know this to be true, because in the restaurant they bring it to your table, as entertainment, so that you can touch it yourself! They have perfected the art of ‘spinning’ the dough, which makes it assume the shape that we are so familiar with.

it goes into the overn, when all the ingredients that were chosen are prepared and topped on the pizza. Ten to fifteen minutes later your senses are assaulted by the delicious smell coming from the oven. You are not limited to being inside whilst enjoying your meal. If warm enough, you can eat on the beach having enjoyed the entertainment inside the restaurant! Sunset on the beach, great pizza, good company – heaven!

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