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What You Should Know About The Basic of Potato Salad

The majority are familiar with potato salad as it has long been the standard at family picnics and other summer activities. Everybody has their own concept of a way to make it though , and if you look through cooking books and thru recipe sites online, you’re going to find hundreds of different recipes from which to choose. Some like a particularly easy salad, and others like to have something with a bit more work involved. It’s been around for a considerable time, and will most likely always be well-liked for summer meals.

The basics of potato salad are potatoes, of course, mayonnaise, and onion. However, when I make it, there’s no onion added. I think it ruins the flavour of the salad, but almost everyone disagrees with me on that point. If I make it for a picnic, I bring a bowl of onions with me so if someone wants them, all they have to do is sprinkle them on their portion. I also like to add boiled and sliced eggs to my potato salad, and most say that they believe it adds a great taste. If my partner has his way, he adds some Miracle Whip, but I usually stop him before he will get that far.

Others like to use more electrified recipes for potato salad, and I believe it often relies on how someone was raised. We frequently like foods the way we grew up with them, and that suggests trying something new, like a different tasting potato salad, is a bit daunting. Some dive in and find something new to love, and others will avoid anything that they are not acquainted with. I’m afraid that I am one of the avoiders, but that doesn’t suggest I don’t think people should make and share whatever recipe they adore and know well.

If you’re looking for new ways to enjoy potato salad, you only have to look as far as your computer. Recipe sites have thousands of recipes to share, and there are always a few for potato salad. Some even make a great locarb salad using cauliflower rather than the white potato so they can enjoy the same foods as everyone else when out at a picnic. There are also cookbooks out there that have tons of different ideas for this salad, and some that are even devoted to the summer meals that might include this and other normal fare.

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