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Where are some places to locate gourmet Kona coffee?

Most people who get their first sip of this type of coffee are forever hooked. The unique balance of Hawaii’s best Kona coffee is simply unmatched. Grown on the slopes of Mauna Loa and Mount Hualalai in the north part of the state, as well as many Kona districts found on Oahu, this is one of the best coffees known.

You can be sure to get the tastiest coffee when you purchase gourmet coffees like Kona. While Kona coffee’s are higher priced than other coffe blends, they are absolutely worth the price. This coffee is bought by people from everywhere, including other countries. The coffee gets its unique and flavorful due to the weather conditions that it is grown in.

These high-quality Kona coffee beans grow on plants whose cuttings came from Brazil. Rev. Samuel Ruggles is credited with bringing the first tree to Hawaii, way back in the 19th century. Finding the perfect soil and weather combination in Hawaii, farmers soon expanded and started growing abundant crops on large plantations. There are more than 2,300 acres where fresh gourmet Kona coffee beans are grown. Two million pounds of fresh, gourmet Kona coffee beans are produced every year, which is considered a highly successful crop.

The tiny white blossoms of the Kona tree make their appearance in February and March each year and are known locally as Kona Snow. Content to be green berries in the spring, they become red jewels by mid-summer. It is a right time for the “fruit” to be harvested. One of the things that make fresh, gourmet Kona coffee so exceptional is that each bean is carefully, hand-picked.

The fruit is processed through equipment designed specifically to separate the pulp and bean, in less than a day from the time it is picked. The beans will ferment. Let them set for a half-day at low altitudes, and a full day at higher altitudes. The beans are soaked and then placed on a special rack where they naturally dry during the next week or two. They place the dry beans are stored on parchment. Interesting enough, about eight pounds of fruit only produces one pound of Kona coffee’s freshest gourmet coffee.

Knowing the categorization of coffee beans is significant while choosing fresh gourmet Kona coffee. To cite and example, the number of beans in one cherry or fruit for the Type I is two which has one flat side and another oval. Type II beans are just one, round bean per cherry or fruit. Then based on a number of factors to include size, type, moisture content, purity, and so on would determine further grading. Fresh, gourmet Kona coffee is made of a higher-quality bean.

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