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White Tea, Healthy Tea

Do you think tea suits only Indians and Chinese? Do you avoid tea simply because coffee is easier to make? It’s time to do some serious tea thinking then! In contrast to popular belief in some countries, research shows that tea has many health benefits. It boosts immunity and has cancer fighting properties. Therefore, a hot cuppa or two can do you a lot of good and no harm.


You must have read about or come across different varieties of tea: black, green, and oolong. White tea is comparatively rare and expensive, and few have heard about it. It comes from leaves of the same Camellia bush as the other varieties of tea; the difference emerges from the way it is processed.    


Black tea is the fermented variety, and the fermentation leads to the loss of some beneficial components of tea leaves. Green tea undergoes no fermentation and is obtained by either steaming or slightly heating the leaves. It is a healthier option than black tea. Oolong tea lies in between these two varieties, in terms of processing.


White tea is made from the very young leaves and buds of the Camellia plant. The name white tea comes from the fine white hair on the young buds. Some researchers, however, suggest that the name comes from plain boiled water that was served when tea leaves were not available in humble Chinese homes. White tea has traditionally been associated with the elite classes in China.


White tea is the healthiest option among the different varieties of tea as it undergoes little processing and no fermentation. It is made by steaming and drying the selected buds and leaves. Its taste is mild and sweet, and research indicates that it has greater cancer fighting power than green tea. Another advantage of white tea is that it is low in caffeine compared with green or black tea. It is also known to prevent skin from sagging. Consequently, reputed cosmetics manufacturers are making a beeline for white tea. A word of caution: avoid white tea if you suffer from stomach ailments.


The best way to prepare white tea is to add it to water before it boils. This variety of tea is mainly produced in China and Japan, but Darjeeling in India is also known for it. Fujian Province of China is famous for this type of tea. A variety of this tea is also grown in Sri Lanka. White tea has some interesting names like tribute eyebrow, silver needle, white peony, golden moon, and white cloud. 


Given the benefits of white tea, you can slowly take to it to refresh yourself and gain health benefits in the process. Researchers suggest that four cups of green tea per day is ideal for promoting good health. As white tea has more effective properties, just a couple of cups should keep you in the pink of health. Promote tea drinking at home and your workplace, and lots of recharged people are going to thank you!  


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