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Who needs marriage counseling

In life and in any relationship there will be conflict.Naturally there will be some that are much worse than some others.  In a marriage these conflicts can lead to serious consequences.  The hard part is knowing when it is time to seek counseling. Because you don’t to overreact and grab any counselor from one argument.But you have to know when the situation requires it.So what tells you when it will be needed?

That is a tough question.  As a San Diego marriage therapist helping people has allowed me to see who needs it.Because there will be a few times when it might not have been needed.But the counseling that takes place is usuallly pretty beneficial.But a sign that help may be needed is if the couple has very little communication.If the couple still have fighting issues but are still making attempts to fix it, that is a good sign.  But if the only time a couples talks is when they fight they need help. There is no interaction present.  And communication is the key to fixing it.

Another good indicator is if the couple can’t stand each other in the same room. It seems like that should be obvious but when the couple is having a hard time being with each other help is needed.  I have seen a lot of couples come to that point while helping in couples counseling San Diego.If hate is present that is not a good sign.This can cause very harmful effects within the relationship.

Finally another sign I have seen doing San Diego marriage counseling is when it starts effecting the whole family.If kids are in between it all and you see it is having some emotional effects, that couple should seek help.It is going to happen the fights, but when it starts to hurt the kids now they need to seek help.They need to make an effort not to allow the fighting to disrupt the family.If it is doing that, counseling should be sought after.

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