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Why You Need to Use Green Tea for Your Skin’s Health

Green tea is excellent for you. This is a well known fact. A researcher recently did a study that involved exposing hundreds of minnows to highly radioactive substances. You would have thought they would all get cancer and die. But, instead they survived. How did they survive? Instead of water in their tank, they had green tea.

Inundating minnows with x-rays may not sound so great to you. Most people probably do not like this. However, you have to like the results. I’m going to start drinking gallons of green tea a day or I might bathe in it.

More and more people are realizing the healing and restorative powers of green tea. Resulting in more and more products containing green tea are out now. Green tea extracts are contained in anything from candy to coffee. Not to mention all the other green tea blends that are available in stores today.

But, in spite of all the craze over green tea, there is one area that hasn’t caught on. The skin care arena. There is a lot of talk about it, but few companies are actually doing anything about it. Not only is green tea wonderful for you body, it also works perfect on your skin.

There are tons of antioxidants in green tea. When you drink it, the antioxidants will do many things, like boosting your immune system. However, when you rub it on your face, those anti-oxidants immediately start defending your exterior as well.

Antioxidants are really excellent for your skin. For one thing, they keep free radicals away. Free radicals are highly charged molecules in the air that “attack” skin and cause wrinkles. Sometimes, they can damage skin cells so much that they actually become cancerous.

However, green tea skin care does more than that. The green tea extracts will actually help to revitalize your skin. Puffiness will ease and discolorations will be smoothed out when using products that contain green tea extracts. Adding any green tea product to your natural skincare program as soon as possible. You will be extremely satisfied with any green tea product you choose to add to your daily regimen.

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